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Central Richmond offers a quiet, almost suburban, atmosphere for its residents. With the neighborhood’s proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge commuting to the North Bay is a breeze, while the 1 California Muni line takes residents straight to Downtown and the Financial District. Housing in this neighborhood ranges from larger multi-unit apartment buildings to 3 unit apartment flats and modest single family homes. While predominantly residential, the Central Richmond hosts several top rated restaurants on its commercial strips, Geary Boulevard and Clement Street.

The Inner Richmond neighborhood is a bustling multicultural area with grand mansions, stucco houses, easy access to the Presidio and Golden Gate Park, and a variety of reasonable restaurants and shops. A historical hill that once served as a cemetery, Lone Mountain now hosts the main campus of the University of San Francisco (USF), a popular Jesuit-run school. This neighborhood is populated with USF students, tenured professors, and other professionals. This upper-middle class area consists primarily of Edwardian homes with a fair number of multi-unit residential buildings and apartments catering to the local student population.

Residents of Outer Richmond will be lulled to sleep by the sound of foghorns, a romantic oceanside element that is evocative of San Francisco. This neighborhood is home to several parks and attractions including the Sutro Baths, Cliff House, Lincoln Park, and the Lincoln Park Golf Course. Perched at the top of Lincoln Park, The Palace of the Legion of Honor was built in the 1920s to honor Californians who died in France in World War I and currently houses a distinguished collection of sculptures by Auguste Rodin. For a bit of urban hiking, head to Lands End and walk along the edge of the city, and the continent, on the Coastal Trail (including wheelchair accessible trails that begin at Merrie Way parking lot). Locals go to Simple Pleasures Café for some of the best (read: strongest) coffee in the area. Homes in this area rang from single-family residences to flats, and are slightly more affordable than other parts of the city, due to location, weather, and housing type.

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